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Great Greenland

Why seal fur?

Certification of the skins from Greenland is helping to support and ensure the original hunting culture, and therefore also helps to sustain many jobs across Greenland.
From the seal is caught and the finished product or skin are sent to the customer, there are many hands it goes through. Greenland is a large country with a small population, and therefore it is important both the culture and livelihood are supported, this are making your purchase of certified seal fur products and sealskins from Greenland an important part to maintain the culture of Greenland.
Check you fur / skin

Trace the original EU import certificate check
Sealskins used in products with these tags are from a sustainable Inuit source and imported to EU from Greenland according to regulations.

Both the skins and the products are labeled so that you as a consumer can feel safe and secure when you shop.

Trace original EU import certificate by using the control number on the front of the tag.

Use the control number from your tag to trace the original EU import certificate.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Great Greenland has always protected the environment, because of the great attachment to the Greenlandic culture and nature.” In harmony with nature” is a part of our branding and motto, and we can and will vouch for it. This is seen in the way the newest technologies are used in our tannery, this ensures that there is no wastage of contaminated water, or other thing that can harm the nature. Great Greenland has also developed a vegetable tanning technique, but production is still at a trial stage, and the demand of this type of product is not high enough.

Dyed skins

Each year Great Greenland A/S introduces a number of new colours in our fur collection. The new fur colours mark current trends and fashion.

Overview of various colours that Great Greenland A/S currently offers:
- Nature
- Graphite, Camel, Golden Brown, Brown 05, Tobacco, Tarmac, Black
- Oblivion Green, Military Green, Kiwi
- Ice Blue, Denim, Blue 98, Marine Blue
- Red 98, Fire red, Autumn red
- Orange, Cherry

Other colours are available on request.

Skin colours shown on the screen may differ from real colour shown in ambient light.