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About us

The Leather House (“Skindhuset”) has over one-half-million square feet of leather & fur in stock, and is one the largest leather supplier/shop/wholesale/merchants in Denmark. Since 1926, we have been a trusted supplier of all types of leather and fur, serving individuals, businesses, industries, institutions, and school classes worldwide.

We have customers from South America, Australia, Iraq, North Korea, Russia and of course in our primary market, Europe. To ensure that our customers get the very best prices and quality, we source leather, hardware, and tools from around the world.

We are family owned and operated company, with many combined decades of expertise in the industry. Our business is based on a proud tradition and history of excellent service and performance. We offer our customers the largest assortment of leather in Europe, and a great selection of quality and colors from which to choose. Whether it is skin, leather, fur, buckles, accessories or tools that you seek, the Leather House can provide it all.

Please also consider visiting us at Skindhuset. Here you will be inspired by our stock of rabbit, opossum, goat, lamb, wallaby, otter, nutria, chinchilla, calf, yak, reindeer, gnu, antelope, and many other kinds of leather and fur. We also have leather for bookbinding, upholstery, and furniture in several colors and textures. In summary, Skindhuset has almost all things related to leather, hides, and accessories.

Leather House supplying anywhere. You are only are paying the actual postage - or freight charges.
You can do your order by phone, e-mail or letter enclosed samples. You are also forever welcome to visit our fascinating shop.Skindhuset sells and ships most anywhere in the world. Unless otherwise noted, all our prices include a 25% Value Added Danish Tax. We only charge our customers for actual postage and freight charges. You may order through our website, by phone, e-mail, or surface mail, or in person at our fascinating shop.

Leatherhouse opened in 1926 and the third generation of the founder´s Family is still running the Company, giving a long tradition of knowledge and experience in all kind of leathers, skin, furs, and accessories. our customers come from all over the World to find products of high quality at reasonable prices. they find the sohp at the original address, in a half-timbered Building from 1730. Time stands still at Leather House, but with its skilled staff, are always fully up to date, using a wide-sprad knowledge of our trade.

Leather House – Established in 1926 – For expertise of the highest level and unparalleled customer support and satisfaction.

Since 1926, a business with proud traditions as a worldwide leader in wholesale and retail leather and fur supply.

Please note: Our website homepage displays only a small selection of our extensive stock. You are welcome to contact us for specialty items you don’t find on our site.

Member of Danish Leather Merchants´ Association

Countdown to 100 years with leather