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Ets P.REGAD & Fils

The finishing of fine leather goods is an important feature of distinction and quality.
Whether for threading, pattern making, polishing leather or hardening edges, our equipment provides specific solutions for each operation.
Our fine leather equipment combines the efficiency of electrical and heating technologies with the traditional craft of leather making.
It brings with it the benefit of long experience in design and
manufacture. The electrical supply and heating resistances
comply with current standards and the accessories have all
been the subject of meticulous research and testing.
The shape of the irons specially designed for each application
is machined with precision.
The heated points and cutters will rapidly become indispensable
in your workshops for cutting and soldering synthetic fibres.
In this document you will find standard equipment.
If you require adaptations for special models we shall be
pleased to work these out with you and to produce them for you.
Highly reputed firms have used our equipement for many years
and their articles bear the imprint of our heat stamping

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