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Question: What is Semianiline leather

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Question: What is Semianiline leather

Semi-aniline leather is a combination of aniline and pigmented leather - it has a light surface finish.

Semi-aniline leather is a type of leather that has been treated with a minimal amount of dye and a protective finish. This makes it a good choice for furniture and other items that are exposed to wear and tear and stains, as the finish treatment helps to protect the leather from damage. Semi-aniline leather is also soft and comfortable to the touch, as it has retained some of the natural structures and details of the hide. This makes it a popular choice for furniture and upholstery.

Semi-aniline leather differs from full-aniline leather in that it has not been treated with as much dye. Full-aniline leather has been treated with a greater amount of dye, so it is more uniform in color and has a deeper color. Full-aniline leather is also more susceptible to damage and stains, as it does not have a protective finish. Semi-aniline leather is therefore a good choice for people who want a soft and comfortable leather surface, but who also want some protection from damage and stains.

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