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Goat Rawhide (parchment) - Approx. 8-10 Sqft. - 0,7-0,8mm

Goat Rawhide (parchment) - Approx. 8-10 Sqft. - 0,7-0,8mm

Unit Price for 1 1/1 Hide/skin 53,50 €

Unit Price for 2 1/1 Hide/skin 50,80 € 53,50 € Unit Price for 12 1/1 Hide/skin 45,70 € 53,50 €

(incl. VAT)

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Model/Product no.: 4126
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1/1 Hide/skin
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Rawhide is the dried skin of the animal with the hair removed. It is not considered leather as it has not been through the tanning process. Rawhide is much stiffer and stronger than ordinary leather and can be used for making shields, saddle trees, drumheads or any other job requiring a stiffer, stronger material. It can be softened by soaking for ease of working, and will become hard and shrink as it dried.

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